Completely automatic, maintenance-free and non-contact.

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FIGHTER 2204 is a hand sanitizer machine is a completely automatic, maintenance-free and non-contact device. The product was designed for hygienic and sanitary areas. For buildings such as shopping malls, airports, gyms, offices, restaurants, banks, pharmacies, hospitals, beauty salons, office buildings, doctor's and dental offices.


It has a motion sensor with a range of 7 m, thanks to which it will locate every person entering the room. Providing prestige and security for your customers and for you.

Fighter emits voice messages that are simple and understandable, and at the same time very attract the attention of the person coming inside.

Our device has the ability to personalize voice messages in any language of the world.

The nozzle spraying a cloud of disinfectant fluid, together with a UV lamp with aseptic action will ensure the effectiveness of disinfection.

The device has a one-litre tank that guarantees at least 1600 disinfected hands.

Our device is a 100% Polish product.

The robust aluminium powder coating housing gives you the possibility of trouble-free vending machine.

The tripod option guarantees the expected mobility and flexibility of use nowadays.

Our equipment is rigorously tested for compliance with the highest standards. We guarantee that FIGHTER will take care of the safety and comfort of your client.

ATTENTION ! The price applies only to the device. We offer a metal leg, or a solid tripod!

Video showing the operation of our hand sanitizer machine:

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