Autoclave - a professional chamber device designed for disinfection

The device allows disinfection of: documents, correspondence, invoices, books, banknotes, dime, as well as items transferred to the deposit (keys, jewelry, watches, etc.).

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Autoclave - a professional, chamber device designed to disinfect documents, correspondence, invoices, books, banknotes, dime, as well as items donated to the deposit (keys, jewelry, watches, etc.).

Characteristics of the doxozon UV-C document disinfection device:

• Type B and C ultraviolet light, ozone generator, hot air up to 70 degrees Celsius

• Loading - up to 15 kg

• Energy-efficient

• Durable steel housing

• LCD display, voice communicator that emits information about the status of the device and the progress of disinfection

• Safety and ease of use

How does autoclave work?

You insert documents into the chamber, trying to make the paper fairly evenly distributed inside the autoclave chamber.

From the MENU of the device displayed on the screen, you select one of the operating modes:

1 # correspondence, envelopes, loose papers

2 # document binders

3 # books

4 # coins and banknotes

5 # watches, jewelry, deposit

6 # electronics

Thanks to the built-in balance, the machine will automatically adjust all other process parameters so that it is fully safe for loading and effective in operation.

What is the elimination of microbes?

Autoclave uses as many as 3 active methods of eliminating viruses, bacteria and fungi. Thanks to their combination, the effectiveness of the device is 99.9% - including ensuring the elimination of COVID-19 virus

* Phase 1: Intensive ozone circulation

* Phase 2 and 3: Ozone until maximum possible ozone concentration in the chamber with UVB and UVC irradiation

* Phase 4: Infrared and thermal radiation until the temperature of the objects reaches 70 degrees C.

* Phase 5: Active ozone neutralization

* Phase 6: Interior cooling

Thanks to the automatic bolt, it is not possible to open the autoclave chamber during the process, in particular when the radiant temperature exceeds 55 degrees or when the ozone has not been neutralized inside

The process time is on average from 30 to 80 minutes (depending on the selected program and the amount of loading)

Word messages (in English) from the speaker are easy to use. Parameters: Ozone quantity, ozone chiller temperature, radiator temperature, housing temperature, time to end of the process - are constantly presented on the color LCD screen.

Watch a video showing the visualization of our Doxon UV-C chest:

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