ALKOGOGLE (triple set)

Drugs simulators

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ALKOGOGLE is an innovative product used as a simulator of drugs. Produced in Poland, which has a great impact on the quality of the simulator. In addition, this affects the delivery time of the order to our customer. The product is used for demonstrations in road safety classes by: training, examination, police, prison guards, city guards, companies preparing teaching programs for companies, etc.. In addition, simulators are ideal for games and special events. They are happy to be used by DJs and announcers.
After the establishment of our simulators, the recipient has: significantly reduced concentration, slow reaction time, distortion of the viewed image and colors, changes in distance evaluation, dual vision effect, lack of muscle coordination and difficulties in determining directions.
Our goggles are available in three options to stimulate different states of alcoholic intoxication:
level 1 (approx. 0.8 -1.5‰), level 2 (approx. 2 - 2.5 ‰), level 3 (from 3 ‰).
1.5 ‰ is a significant intoxication and most people describe visual experiences in this condition as difficulties in maintaining a single vision. The lenses in these goggles cause changes depending on the angle of view of the environment - but they do not lie the distance, the image is still real, they do not cause imbalance. The lenses are bright, highly transparent - slightly black out the image.
2.5‰ is already a state in which the angle of view is narrowed - in goggles the side fields are more dizzy than the central ones. However, the image is clearly split, this effect can be remedied by turning a single eye (which often makes a drunk person when trying to hit the key in the hole). Distances from objects are already slightly broken, many people already have a problem with maintaining balance.
3.5 - 5 ‰ is a life-threatening level - a condition that is accompanied not only by alcohol poisoning, but by mixing various psychoactive agents (e.g. alcohol and amphetamines, alcohol and GHB so-called rape pill). Poisoning above 3‰ is characterized by a state of loss of ability to correctly assess the position, photodiving, images mix, it does not help to turn a single eye to properly assess the distance to the object, the world seems to swirl. It is very difficult in these goggles to perform simple exercises, such as catching the ball or bypassing obstacles on the floor.
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