ALCOGOGLE is an innovative product that serves as a simulator of drugs. Produced in Poland. The product is used for demonstrations as part of road safety classes by: training centers, examination centers, the police, prison guards, city guards, companies preparing didactic programs for companies, etc. In addition, the simulators are ideal for games and special events. They are eagerly used by DJs and announcers. After putting on our simulators, the recipient has: significantly reduced concentration, slowed reaction time, distortions of the image and colors seen, changes in the assessment of distance, the effect of double vision, lack of muscle coordination and difficulties in determining directions. Our goggles are available in three options that stimulate different states of intoxication: level 1 (approx. 0.8 - 1.5‰), level 2 (approx. 2 - 2.5 ‰), level 3 (from 3 ‰).
1.5‰ is considerable intoxication and most people describe the visual experience in this state as having difficulty maintaining a single vision. The lenses in these goggles cause splitting of the view of the environment, which changes depending on the viewing angle - but they do not distort the distance, the image is still real, they do not cause imbalance. The lenses are bright, highly transparent - they slightly darken the image.
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Kasia 08/17/2023

Super alkogogle

Alkogogle spełniają funkcję, nie spadają dzieciom z głowy, są wygodne. Wysyłka godzinę po złożeniu zamówienia!

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