Looking for an innovative tool to simulate alcohol intoxication effects? Look no further than ALCOGOGGLES. Our cutting-edge product serves as a valuable alcohol intoxication simulator, designed for a range of applications. From road safety training by esteemed institutions like training centers, examination boards, and law enforcement agencies to engaging activities at events and parties, our simulators offer a unique experience.


Road Safety Demonstrations: ALCOGOGGLES are ideal for vividly illustrating the consequences of alcohol intoxication during road safety training sessions. Police, prison guards, and municipal guards can enhance their educational efforts with this hands-on tool.

Engaging Events: DJ's, presenters, and event organizers can take advantage of ALCOGOGGLES to create memorable and educational experiences for their audiences.

Versatile Options: Our goggles are available in three simulation levels to replicate different alcohol intoxication stages: Level 1 (approximately 0.8 - 1.5‰), Level 2 (approximately 2 - 2.5‰), and Level 3 (starting from 3‰).

Level 2 Simulation: Experience the effects of 2.5‰ alcohol intoxication - a state that narrows your field of vision, distorts distances, and impairs muscular coordination. ALCOGOGGLES provide a realistic glimpse into the challenges of impaired vision and decision-making.


Enhance Road Safety Education

Engage Audiences at Events

Realistic Alcohol Intoxication Simulation

Distinctive Levels of Impairment

Explore the world of ALCOGOGGLES and create impactful learning experiences and engaging events. Discover the unique effects of alcohol intoxication and raise awareness about responsible decision-making in a safe and controlled environment.

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