Maintenance-free church stoup - entirely made of metal - aesthetic - in the color of antique gold - new improved version


* * *


The capacity of the tank is sufficient for about 2,400 applications of holy water.


The device does not splash - it gently gives a very small dose of water.


The bottom tray prevents water from falling onto the floor.


The hand proximity sensor is located right next to the nozzle of the device.


The product is made very solidly, permanently and reliably in Poland from stainless steel, powder coated in golden, liturgical color.


* * *


It can be permanently attached to the wall or to a separately sold tripod. The device comes with a special housing, in which a 12V battery with a high capacity of 4500mAh is placed. The housing can be fixed to the wall.






total height 43.5 cm


dispenser: 20x5x5 cm


Weight without water: approx. 0.8 kg


The volume of a single dose - approx. 0.3 ml




 Thanks to such a large battery capacity, the device does not require frequent charging. It is also possible to connect the power permanently. Even in the event of a power failure, the device continues to operate for several days.




To get a dose of HOLY WATER, just bring your hand closer to the nozzle.


* * *


The water is not splashed, but will gently fall into the palm of your hand in a small dose.


The device is very easy to install - fixed with two screws to the wall.


* * *


HOLY WATER is topped up by removing the top cover and unscrewing the cap.


* * *


The device will work in every church, chapel and other place of worship. Contactless administration of HOLY WATER is recommended by SANEPID.

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