High-quality set for wireless sound transmission at a distance of up to 150 meters. Thanks to the operation on the UHF high frequency and the digital selection of the most optimal radio channel, the Fifine MKF-031 microport is characterized by excellent parameters - i.e. high sensitivity, low noise and long range.

Included: Condenser microphone with clip to attach to clothes for the announcer; UHF digital transmitter; UHF receiver with jack plug for connection directly to the console; two adapters for connecting the microport to a digital camera, SLR or smartphone.

Technical parameters:

Operating frequency (digital channels) any in the range: 565-584 MHz (can be changed independently)

Condenser microphone :: Impedance 1.9kOhm / Sensitivity -44dB; RL=680Ohm Vs 1.5V - omnidirectional characteristics

Microphone frequency range: 50Hz-16kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 58dB


Frequency: 565.000-584.000 MHz

Transmitter power: 10dBM/ 10mW

Switching on: physical on/off button

Power supply: 2xAA / 3V (2x1.5V)


Sensitivity : -95dB

Bandwidth: 40Hz-15kHz

Power: 2xAAA

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