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Innovative goggles with lenses simulating deep drug-inducing psychotropic agents. The user of the goggles is not able to correctly assess the distance, directions, has the impression of "not his legs". NARKOGOGLE simulate many of the effects of drug use or prescription drug overdose, including: confusion, impaired perception, significant memory problems, dizziness, dizziness, definite lack of concentration, image distortion, feelings of nausea, slow reaction time, feelings of happiness and euphoria.

Goggles are put on your head like classic VR glasses - however, they don't require any extra accessories like a smartphone. Thanks to the adjustable elastic bands, the goggles will be put on by both adults and adolescents without any problems. It is not recommended to use simulators in children under 12 years of age! Due to the strong effect on the sense of vision, it is recommended to reassure people using goggles.

Goggles are used to demonstrate impaired senses of vision in a state of intoxication with hard drugs. They are ideal for preventive measures (driving schools, police, city guards, anti-addiction institutions, primary and secondary schools).

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