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Experience realistic alcohol intoxication simulation with Alkogoggles 2 Promille. These innovative glasses offer a safe and comprehensive understanding of the effects of strong alcohol intoxication, promoting awareness, education, and responsible decision-making. Ideal for driving schools, police, municipal guards, DJs, and hosts.
Price zł399.00
Educational and preventive goggles to raise awareness of the impact of soft drug intoxication on sight. Adjustable lens spacing and elastic head straps for all ages. Compliance certificate with CE standards. Recommended for teachers and addiction prevention staff. Approx. 100g weight. Negative effects of smoking marijuana and the dangers of abuse.
Price zł399.00
Experience the effects of alcohol intoxication with our professional ALCOGOGGLES. Available in four options simulating different levels of intoxication. Perfect for road safety training, games, and special events. Order now!
Price zł1,070.00
Discover our original and professional Alcogoggles, simulating different levels of alcohol intoxication. Perfect for road safety training, games, and special events. Available in four options, including a life-threatening level at 3.5 - 5 ‰. Experience reduced concentration, slowed reaction time, double vision effect, and more.
Price zł399.00
Get a complete prophylactic-educational suitcase with 6 simulation devices for alcohol and drug intoxication. Ideal for schools, therapeutic centers, and awareness-raising events. Includes training films and a webinar by Dr. Marek Jurgowiak.
Price zł2,690.00

Alkogogle Elverre 1.5 Promila: Realistyczna symulacja nietrzeźwości alkoholowej w bezpiecznym środowisku

Alkogogle 1.5 Promila firmy Elverre to unikalna para okularów, która pozwala doświadczyć efektów silnej nietrzeźwości alkoholowej w bezpiecznym i kontrolowanym środowisku. Te innowacyjne okulary symulują widzenie pod wpływem około 1,5 promila alkoholu we krwi, umożliwiając użytkownikowi zrozumienie, w jaki sposób alkohol może wpływać na funkcjonowanie.

Nasze okulary są dostępne w czterech opcjach symulujących różne stany nietrzeźwości alkoholowej: poziom 1 (około 0,75 ‰), poziom 2 (około 1,5 ‰), poziom 3 (około 2,5 ‰), poziom 4 (około 3,5 ‰).

Główne cechy:

Realistyczna symulacja nietrzeźwości: Alkogogle 1.5 Promila zostały starannie zaprojektowane, aby dokładnie imitować efekty silnej nietrzeźwości alkoholowej. Ich soczewki zniekształcają widoczność w taki sposób, który reprodukuje trudności związane z zaburzoną równowagą, dezorientacją i ograniczonym polem widzenia.

Bezpieczne doświadczenie efektów alkoholu: Dzięki Alkogogle można doświadczyć efektów nietrzeźwości alkoholowej w kontrolowanym środowisku, eliminując ryzyko jazdy pod wpływem alkoholu lub innych niebezpiecznych sytuacji. Jest to bezpieczny sposób na zrozumienie, w jaki sposób alkohol wpływa na nasze ciało i umysł, zwłaszcza wzrok i równowagę.

Świadomość i edukacja: Korzystając z Alkogogle 1.5 Promila, użytkownicy zyskują unikalną możliwość zrozumienia, w jaki sposób silna nietrzeźwość alkoholowa może wpływać na ich zdolności. Może to prowadzić do bardziej odpowiedzialnych decyzji i promować świadomość konsekwencji spożycia alkoholu przed jazdą.

Kompleksowa symulacja: Okulary oferują kompleksową symulację efektów alkoholu, takich jak zaburzona równowaga, dezorientacja, ograniczone pole widzenia i zmniejszona koordynacja ruchowa. To kompleksowe podejście pozwala doświadczyć szerokiego zakresu problemów związanych z nietrzeźwością.

Zastosowanie w edukacji i szkoleniach: Alkogogle 1.5 Promila to doskonałe narzędzie edukacyjne do kampanii przeciwko prowadzeniu pojazdu pod wpływem alkoholu i do szkoleń dla młodzieży i dorosłych. Pomagają one przekazywać ważne informacje w sposób angażujący i realistyczny.

Price zł399.00
Experience the effects of drug intoxication with NARKOGOGGLES. Simulating disorientation, perceptual disturbances, and memory problems, these innovative goggles are ideal for preventive activities and educational purposes. Suitable for adults and young people, but not recommended for children under 12. Supervision is advised due to the strong impact on vision.
Price zł399.00

Enhance perceptiveness, memory, and coordination with Reflexometer, featuring illuminated touch fields, games, and stress-relieving activities. Available in multiple languages, this device is suitable for schools, community centers, clinics, and more. Watch the demonstration video to see how it works.

Price zł1,599.00

Educational and preventive goggles for raising awareness about the impact of hard drugs and designer drugs on sight. Adjustable lens spacing and elastic head straps for all ages. CE compliant. Ideal for teachers, educators, and addiction prevention staff training.

Price zł399.00
Electronic simulator for driving schools and training centers, with fog and fatigue simulation. Control with smartphone or remote. Certificates provided. Powered by built-in battery.
Price zł1,290.00
Preventive goggles for educational shows and activities, raising awareness about the impact of soft drugs on sight. Adjustable lens spacing and head straps for all ages. CE compliant. Recommended for teachers and addiction prevention workers. Weight approx. 100g.
Price zł499.00
Unique electronic music box with 52 pre-loaded songs and the option to add your own. Perfect for various occasions. Available in silver, gold, or copper. Made and assembled in Poland. Discover more at and
Price zł149.00
High-quality anaglyph glasses for viewing photos, movies, and anaglyphic prints. Universal size suitable for adults and children. Each piece is hermetically packed in cellophane. Create dual images with the unique application of 3D glasses.
Price zł55.00
Discover the touchless ASPERSORIUM dispenser, designed to gently dispense holy water without spraying. With a solid stainless steel construction and easy installation, it\'s perfect for any church or religious setting. Recommended by SANEPID for touchless dispensing of HOLY WATER. #touchless holy water font #cheapest electric holy water font
Price zł490.00
Electronic remote control with built-in battery and 7 LED lights, replacing smartphone app during events. Control IT goggles with different visibility modes. Charger included. Approx. 50g, dimensions: 12x2.5x7 cm.
Price zł279.00
Discover our red-green TNO test glasses, perfect for conducting ophthalmic examinations and assessing depth perception. Lightweight and comfortable, these glasses are ideal for medical facilities and come conveniently packaged in individual cellophane foil.
Price zł45.00
Educational board - a didactic aid - for learning and experimenting with the AtMega 2560 processor. Very easy to use thanks to the included connection cables and convenient sockets - protected against incorrect connections, allowing for the creation of a huge number of prototype devices. An ideal tool to start robotics education even from the 3rd grade of primary school. The board contains many controllable peripheral elements, whose schematics are shown on the board, and the power lines are already routed inside the board, so that beginner students cannot make a mistake that could lead to damage to the microcontroller or the actuator or sensor. The board has a built-in popular 2-line by 16-character display with an I2C converter - making display control as simple as possible. Students can check the voltages in the circuits using the built-in digital voltmeter, which also facilitates understanding of the operation of analog sensors and potentiometers. The board contains the following elements: 1. STABILIZED POWER SUPPLY 230 -> 12 V / 5 V 2. DIGITAL VOLTMETER (accuracy 0.01 V) 3. SPEAKER 4. 5 LARGE (5mm) LED DIODES - each of a different color 5. PWM SIGNAL AMPLIFYING TRANSISTOR for controlling a light bulb (as an example of an energy receiver controlled by a signal) 6. Monostable BUTTONS (3 PCS) - for any use (START, DIRECTION CHANGE, OPTION SELECTION, etc.) measurement and conversion of analog values: 7. POTENTIOMETER 8. HALL SENSOR (magnetic field sensor) 9. LIGHT INTENSITY SENSOR (photoresistor) 10. TEMPERATURE SENSOR (thermistor) 11. CARBON MONOXIDE SENSOR digital converters: 12. DIGITAL TEMPERATURE AND AIR HUMIDITY SENSOR 13. ULTRASONIC DISTANCE SENSOR 14. INFRARED PROXIMITY SENSOR 15. MOTION DETECTOR - PIR SENSOR mechanical devices: 16. NEMA 17 STEPPER MOTOR with STEPSTICK driver 17. 180-degree SERVO Also included with the device is a set of 12 double-sided banana plugs, which students can use to connect the microcontroller to the peripheral elements. Board dimensions: 59 x 40 x 5 cm The board can be used in a hanging or lying position.
Price zł1,300.00
Educational-prophylactic VR22 goggles, eventful for all kinds of shows, activities, and games during which you can raise awareness among children, youth, and adults about the impact of hard drugs and some designer drugs on vision. The goggles resemble virtual reality glasses but do not require any additional devices. They have lens spacing adjustment, allowing presentations for both children and adults (you adjust the lens width depending on head size). You can also adjust the length of the elastic head straps to fit different ages and head sizes. Thanks to the soft sponge, the goggles fit perfectly to the face. Compliance certificate with harmonized CE standards. We also recommend goggles with a training course for teachers, educators, and addiction prevention staff. Weight approx. 120g
Price zł499.00