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Enhance perceptiveness, memory, and coordination with Reflexometer, featuring illuminated touch fields, games, and stress-relieving activities. Available in multiple languages, this device is suitable for schools, community centers, clinics, and more. Watch the demonstration video to see how it works.

Price zł1,599.00

An innovative electronic board designed for occupational therapy, psychological, and concentration disorder prevention. Features reflex and visual-motor coordination tasks and short-term memory exercises. Ideal for diagnosing developmental dysfunctions in children and training concentration, reflex, and memory in adults. Available in Polish/English or Polish/Ukrainian language options.

Price zł1,599.00

Experience the thrill of shooting with our electronic target set, designed for children and youth aged 12 and above. Choose from 5 different shooting missions, each with varying levels of difficulty. The set includes a metal pistol, target, and pistol battery charger, providing great fun for outdoor and indoor events, as well as safety education classes. The built-in laser emits safe light, and the pistol makes a shooting sound, while the target responds with hitting or missing sounds. Watch how it works!

Price zł1,899.00

Educational board - a didactic aid - for learning and experimenting with the AtMega 2560 processor. Very easy to use thanks to the included connection cables and convenient sockets - protected against incorrect connections, allowing for the creation of a huge number of prototype devices. An ideal tool to start robotics education even from the 3rd grade of primary school.

Price zł1,300.00

Get ready for hours of fun and competition with our skill board - Target throw. Made of durable beech wood, this 1m x 1m board offers precise targeting and versatile use for knives, axes, and more. Easy to install and perfect for players of all levels. Organize tournaments, improve your skills, and enjoy the satisfaction it brings.

Price zł1,499.00