"Refleksometr - trenażer sprawności PL-UA" can be translated to English as "Reflexometer - fitness trainer PL-UA".

Enhance perceptiveness, memory, and coordination with Reflexometer, featuring illuminated touch fields, games, and stress-relieving activities. Available in multiple languages, this device is suitable for schools, community centers, clinics, and more. Watch the demonstration video to see how it works.

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Reflexometer is a trainer for perceptiveness, short-term memory, and visual-auditory-motor coordination. The board contains five illuminated, multicolored fields, with touch sensors, a speaker, and a display showing messages and points earned. The messages are emitted in Polish or Ukrainian (another version: Polish and English, upon request, the board can be made with messages in any language).

After turning it on, the participant is asked to choose the language in which the training-test will be conducted. Then we choose one of several available games. For example, the player hears the names of several objects and must associate them with the correct colors, e.g. lemon, sky, grass - the player must touch the yellow, blue, and green colors in that order.

Each light field is also a touch field - just touch it with your hand!

Another game tests the participant's reflexes by lighting up the light fields faster and measuring reaction time with an accuracy of one thousandth of a second - the result is presented on the display after the game ends.

Another game involves memorizing a sequence of sequentially lighting colors and correctly reproducing it in the correct order. After each attempt, the level of difficulty increases. The number of points earned indicates the condition of the player's short-term memory.

The device is perfect as a stress-relieving and integrative activity not only in schools but also in pubs, community centers, waiting rooms, clinics, etc.

Dimensions 60x40x5.5 cm - Comes with a power supply. The device can be hung on the wall - special hooks (hangers) can be screwed onto the back of the housing, which are included in the set along with dowels and screws.

See how it works:

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