Red-Green TNO Test Glasses (5pcs)

Discover our red-green TNO test glasses, perfect for conducting ophthalmic examinations and assessing depth perception. Lightweight and comfortable, these glasses are ideal for medical facilities and come conveniently packaged in individual cellophane foil.
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Product description:

5 pieces in a set!

Application: These glasses are used for conducting TNO tests or other similar ophthalmic examinations. The TNO test allows for the assessment of a patient's ability to see three-dimensional images and depth perception in space. This is particularly useful in diagnosing depth perception problems that may affect the ability to drive, perform precise tasks, and generally orient oneself in the environment.

How do TNO test glasses work? Red-green lenses work on the principle of anaglyph filters. The image seen by one eye is transformed differently than the image seen by the other eye. As a result, the brain receives two different images, which are then combined into a single three-dimensional representation.

Technical features: Red-green TNO test glasses are made of paper, making them lightweight and comfortable to ensure patient comfort during the test.

Clinical use: These glasses are used in medical facilities such as ophthalmic clinics, hospitals, and research laboratories. They are used both in diagnosis and in monitoring the progress of patients in therapy or rehabilitation related to spatial perception.

Convenient packaging: Red-green glasses are packed in individual cellophane foil.

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