Narkogogle soft (marijuana) N-SOFT-21

Educational and preventive goggles to raise awareness of the impact of soft drug intoxication on sight. Adjustable lens spacing and elastic head straps for all ages. Compliance certificate with CE standards. Recommended for teachers and addiction prevention staff. Approx. 100g weight. Negative effects of smoking marijuana and the dangers of abuse.
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Educational and preventive goggles for all kinds of shows, activities, and games during which children, young people, and adults can be made aware of the impact of soft drug intoxication (mainly marijuana or hashish) on the sense of sight.

The goggles resemble virtual reality glasses but do not require any additional devices. They have adjustable lens spacing, allowing for presentations to children and adults (you adjust the lens width depending on the head size).

The length of the elastic head straps can also be adjusted to fit the age and head size.

Thanks to the soft sponge, the goggles fit perfectly to the face.

Compliance certificate with harmonized CE standards.

We also recommend goggles with a training course for teachers, educators, and addiction prevention staff.

Weight approx. 100g

Worth knowing:

The negative effects of smoking marijuana (in large quantities) include:

increased blood pressure and accelerated heart rate;

headache and fever;

general feeling of being unwell;

drying of the oral mucosa and irritation of the respiratory mucosa;

loss of motivation, distraction, memory and attention problems;

excessive drowsiness;

increased appetite leading to overeating;

psychosis (in the case of very large doses, high THC levels, or the addition of other substances with psychedelic effects to marijuana).

Marijuana abuse is harmful, especially when other substances with, for example, psychedelic effects are added to the dried plant. Synthetic marijuana, classified as a designer drug, is particularly harmful. It is created by spraying the dried plant with solutions of synthetic cannabinoids, which increases their potency and results in many undesirable symptoms, such as hallucinations, aggression, depersonalization, and derealization.

Combining marijuana with other addictive substances such as alcohol or tobacco is also dangerous.

Although marijuana is classified as a "soft" drug with less harmful effects than, for example, cocaine or amphetamines, literature suggests that marijuana can be a gateway drug and its use may eventually lead to the use of stronger psychoactive substances.

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