Touchless automatic "ASPERSORIUM" bath, powered by mains

Discover the touchless ASPERSORIUM dispenser, designed to gently dispense holy water without spraying. With a solid stainless steel construction and easy installation, it's perfect for any church or religious setting. Recommended by SANEPID for touchless dispensing of HOLY WATER. #touchless holy water font #cheapest electric holy water font
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The touchless ASPERSORIUM dispenser is a small-sized device that does not disperse participants of the liturgy, while fulfilling its function - dispensing holy water.

What distinguishes our device?

The tank capacity is sufficient for about 2000-2400 dispensing of holy water.

The device does not spray - it dispenses a very small amount of water gently.

The bottom plate prevents water from falling onto the floor.

The hand proximity sensor is located right next to the device's nozzle.

The product is made very solidly, durably and reliably from stainless steel, powder-coated in a golden, liturgical color.

The device is very easy to install - mounted on two screws to the wall.

The set includes a power supply for connection to a 230V network.

The dimensions of the device are:

total height - 43.5 cm

dispenser - 22cm/5cm/5cm

To obtain a dose of HOLY WATER, simply bring your hand close to the nozzle.

The water is not sprayed, but gently falls on the hand in a small dose.

The device is very easy to install - mounted on two screws to the wall.

We guarantee that the device will work perfectly in any church, chapel, or other place of religious worship. Touchless dispensing of HOLY WATER is recommended by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station (SANEPID).

We also offer holy water fonts with a built-in battery, as well as devices mounted on sturdy tripods.

#touchless holy water font #cheapest electric holy water font

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