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IT goggles, electronic fatigue simulator, dry eye, squinting, sudden falling asleep

Electronic simulator for driving schools and training centers, with fog and fatigue simulation. Control with smartphone or remote. Certificates provided. Powered by built-in battery.
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Google without foam are easier to disinfect.

Simulator of various types of fog, as well as levels of driver fatigue.

The device allows the trainer to effectively control the trainee's sense of sight using a smartphone.

The electronic simulator is intended for driving schools and driving technique improvement centers, as well as local government units, police, fire brigades, etc.

Many fire brigade training centers use these goggles for smoke simulation (3 levels).

You can use a smartphone with a web browser, laptop, tablet, etc. to operate it: just enter the address code you receive in the user manual.

Another option for operation - instead of a smartphone, there is a dedicated special remote control with 7 touch buttons.

On the screen, you can see 7 bars with buttons, each indicating a different level of difficulty:

-> normal view

-> blinking

-> tired eyes (moving dark spots in front of the eyes)

-> light fog

-> medium fog

-> heavy fog

-> sudden falling asleep (lack of vision)

The product has all the necessary certificates. Upon request, we provide the product data sheet to the buyer.

The device is powered by a built-in battery - the battery capacity is sufficient for several hours of continuous goggle operation. The smartphone or tablet must connect to the wifi network broadcasted by the goggles.

The effects seen through the goggles are achieved by using an electronic liquid crystal film that changes optical properties under the influence of electrical voltage.

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