ALKOGOGLE 2.5 ‰ - level 3 - with CE certification

Experience realistic alcohol intoxication simulation with Alkogoggles 2 Promille. These innovative glasses offer a safe and comprehensive understanding of the effects of strong alcohol intoxication, promoting awareness, education, and responsible decision-making. Ideal for driving schools, police, municipal guards, DJs, and hosts.
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Alkogoggles 2 Promille: Realistic Alcohol Intoxication Simulation - level 3 out of 4

Alkogoggles 2 Promille - innovative glasses that allow for a safe experience of the effects of strong alcohol intoxication in a controlled environment. These advanced goggles offer a realistic simulation of vision under the influence of approximately 2 promille of alcohol in the blood, allowing for a better understanding of how alcohol affects functioning.

Our goggles are available in four options simulating different states of alcohol intoxication: level 1 (approx.0.75 ‰), level 2 (approx. 1.5 ‰), level 3 (approx. 2.5 ‰), level 4 (approx. 3.5 ‰).

Main Features:

Realistic Intoxication Simulation: Alkogoggles 2 Promille have been carefully designed to accurately mimic the effects of strong alcohol intoxication. Their lenses distort visibility in a way that reflects the difficulties associated with disorientation, limited field of vision, and difficulties in maintaining balance.

Safe Experience of Alcohol Effects: With Alkogoggles 2 Promille, one can experience the effects of alcohol intoxication in a safe environment, eliminating the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol or other potentially dangerous situations. It is a safe way to understand how alcohol can affect our abilities.

Awareness and Education: By using Alkogoggles 2 Promille, users can gain a unique perspective on how strong alcohol intoxication can affect their abilities. This can lead to more responsible decisions and enhance awareness of the consequences of driving after consuming alcohol.

Comprehensive Simulation: The glasses offer a comprehensive simulation of the effects of alcohol intoxication, such as disorientation, limited field of vision, motor coordination disorders, and other difficulties. This comprehensive approach allows for an understanding of the diversity of problems associated with intoxication.

Education and Training: Alkogoggles 2 Promille are a valuable element of campaigns to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol and road safety training. They can convey important information in an engaging and realistic manner.

Alkogoggles are primarily suitable for driving schools, police, municipal guards, but also for DJs and hosts during, for example, integration events or weddings.

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