Full package ALCO+NARC goggles 6 devices

Get a complete prophylactic-educational suitcase with 6 simulation devices for alcohol and drug intoxication. Ideal for schools, therapeutic centers, and awareness-raising events. Includes training films and a webinar by Dr. Marek Jurgowiak.
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Complete prophylactic-educational suitcase - containing a package of 6 devices simulating various states of intoxication with alcohol or drugs.

Goggles made of polycarbonate, durable and can be disinfected with isopropanol or alcohol (60-70%).

Goggles in 4 simulation levels:

0.7 per mille

1.5 per mille

2.5 per mille

3.5 per mille

and VR narcotic goggles

SOFT - soft drugs (mild disorientation)

HARD - state of confusion, preventing assessment of distances and directions (effect of hard drugs such as heroin, LSD, opium, etc.)

Aluminum suitcase - weight approx. 3 kg (gross)

Recommended for prophylactic institutions, schools, therapeutic centers, driving schools, etc.

Along with this set of devices, you will receive 3 films dedicated to the issues of alcohol, drugs, and legal highs, as well as a bonus related to e-cigarettes and energy drinks. An ideal tool for all kinds of awareness-raising, prophylactic, events, lessons with children and youth. The webinar is conducted by Dr. Marek Jurgowiak, a research fellow at the Collegium Medicum of Nicolaus Copernicus University, with interesting and enriched with illustrations stories related to the mentioned issues.

Note: Training films cannot be subject to further resale - you can use them free of charge without publishing them on the internet or other media.

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